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What is Canine Sports Medicine and is your Dog Missing Out? by Deborah Shores.

July 17, 2014

  You are probably familiar with sports medicine for humans, especially if you or someone in your family plays a sport. Perhaps you use this doctor for conditioning, prevention of injury, as well as treatment and rehabilitation after injury. These same principles of sports medicine are available and apply to your dog. There are multiple canine sports medicine associations and groups over the world, as well as certified practitioners.   Canine sports medicine is a field of veterinary medicine devoted to the special needs of working and athletic dogs. However, the philosophies and methodologies of sports medicine can be transferable to your average family dog. Dogs participating in canine sports, such as agility, disk dog, dock jumping, fly-ball, retrieving, track,...

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If you're not watching out for these summer symptoms your dog could be in serious Dr. Deborah Shores

July 04, 2014

As the summer months are almost here, it is important to review common issues your dog can face in the hot temperatures and how best to deal with them. — Heatstroke Heatstroke is one of the most common problems affecting pets and it can range from minimal risk to fatality. As a dog owner, it’s essential to remember the danger of leaving your dog inside the car. A car in the sun or in warm temperatures can quickly rise to 120 degrees F (49 C)in just moments. This can lead to heatstroke very easily.   Symptoms of heatstroke include the following: Serious panting Inability to calm down Bright red gums Quickened pulse If you suspect your dog has heatstroke, take...

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