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Pancreatitis in dogs is more common than you think. Here's how you can figure it out Deborah Shores, DVM

July 26, 2014

Canine PancreatitisDr. Deborah Shores What is canine pancreatitis? In short, pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for two specific functions. The first function produces enzymes that are released into your dog’s intestines for aid in digestion. The second function is responsible for the production of three hormones: insulin, which regulates blood sugar, glucagon, which raises blood sugar, and somatostatin, which stops the secretion of insulin, glucagon, and growth hormone. Both of these functions are critical to your dog’s health.  When your dog’s pancreas is inflamed, the digestive enzymes are leaked into the tissue of the abdomen. Because the enzymes are not selective, they will digest any of your dog’s tissues they come in contact with, causing severe inflammation...

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What is Canine Sports Medicine and is your Dog Missing Out? by Deborah Shores.

July 17, 2014

  You are probably familiar with sports medicine for humans, especially if you or someone in your family plays a sport. Perhaps you use this doctor for conditioning, prevention of injury, as well as treatment and rehabilitation after injury. These same principles of sports medicine are available and apply to your dog. There are multiple canine sports medicine associations and groups over the world, as well as certified practitioners.   Canine sports medicine is a field of veterinary medicine devoted to the special needs of working and athletic dogs. However, the philosophies and methodologies of sports medicine can be transferable to your average family dog. Dogs participating in canine sports, such as agility, disk dog, dock jumping, fly-ball, retrieving, track,...

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