Abnormal Cell Growth in Dogs

Why or How does a Dog get Abnormal Cells?

Abnormal Cell Growth unfortunately is a fact, it is highly misunderstood and there is currently no cure for this terrible disease. However, all these occur at the cell level and therefore it is important to work at that level if you're going have any chance against it. One way of looking at it is that it thrives when the cell is unhealthy.  A key to this is the cell wall.  Repairing the cell wall is a good first step.

Keeping Your Dog's Cells Healthy (and try to starve the Abnormal Cells in your Dog)

Let's start with that dog abnormal cells thrive on sugars.  There are a few ways the cells get sugars.  The key way is what your dog eats.  Of course direct sugar consumption is obvious, but many foods such as carbohydrates turn into sugars, some slowly others faster.  For instance,

- Dog food with fillers containing starch such as corn and rice, empty carbohydrates
- Dog food with additives and preservatives, corn syrup, sugar, molasses, and propylene glycol
- Any food for a dog containing Preservatives such as BHA, BHT, sodium nitrite and nitrate are examples of food preservatives

are common sugar foods and carcinogens.  In other words, they may appear to be healthy, however, when they are eaten, the dog's body then begins to convert them for use and parts of the food actually converts to sugars.  If it is burned off, then this can be avoided, but since we lead sedentary lives, therefore chances are high that foods are turning into sugars.  

Provide a healthy balance to help prevent abnormalities in dogs with exercise, essential natural dog supplements, and remove the sugar and grains from your dog's food. You can avoid this with constant exercise for your dog, switch your dog's foods to a non sugary or non grain foods.  Eliminating processed foods, ie, foods that are not generally picked from the earth, but are manufactured like the big dog food companies out there is also key to keeping your pet's cellular health optimal.


Elimay Supplements don't cure cancer.  They are vitamins and nutrients that we recommend, just like any human supplement company to take to optimize your dog's health.  

When we say "health", we are usually talking about taking care of the cells (or cellular health) as these are the building blocks, the bricks if you will, of our dog's bodies.  If even one brick goes bad, it can begin a chain reaction to other bricks going bad and ultimately results in a break down in your dog's health and overtime can overwhelm the dog's body to where they need medicine or Vet or Hospital care.  All the conventional Veterinarians and/or Hospitals are doing is fast where hospital intervention is needed to repair the damage to your dog's health.  If you were repairing this damage daily with good food, proper nutrients that are required by the cells regularly, then the need for long term medical care would be significantly reduced!!

Remember, the cells in your dog are tiny.  So one cell won't make a difference, however overtime, sometimes years, the body begins to break down into common ailments we now know start to show up in our dogs.


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