Bone/Joint/Muscle Discomfort In Dogs

"Elimay Supplements are trusted by Vets, because they work.  Discomfort is safe, we have optimized it to absorb quickly and act fast, with only natural non-toxic ingredients to help with your dog's Bone or Muscle."

Does your Dog Suffer from Bone Discomfort?  

There are many reasons for discomfort, the most common is toxicity build up as your dog ages.  The toxicity build-up over time accumulates in between the joints area finally leads to inflammation causing pain. Eventually as old age sets in the build-up begins to cause discomfort in the bones.

When the cartilage wears down, the bones then rub against each other cause the most common form, ostheoarthritis (degenerative joint disease).  Does this sound painful?  It is.  These are treated by pharmaceuticals, such as Trimadyl or Aspirin.

We at Elimay believe that bone/joint discomfort is preventable, and thus if your dog has this condition it is treatable with a disciplined approach to your dog's life.  We will be writing more about this and its prevention later.  For now let's discuss how various forms of discomfort in dogs is to be managed in the best way.

So what do you do if your dog has discomfort?
It is a process to treat discomfort in dogs, follow these steps and it will really make your dog feel a lot better.
  1. To make an immediate impact, give your dog a great Pain Care or Pain Management medicine.  Sure there are lots of medicines out there, that will immediately give your dog pain relief to a supplement such as Discomfort will begin to naturally help your dog. These will have a great impact in relief.
  2. Start to very closely monitor what your dog is eating.  Absolutely remove any processed foods from your dog's diet and start feeding your pet whole nutritious meals.  Again, we don't discuss this here but if you wish to know how and where to get a nutritious meal, feel free to Ask the Vet on our site or send us an email.
  3. Massage your dog's joints, to a point where you can stretch them and get him to start exercising.  Bone loss may have likely occurred or bone weakness could have started.  To get the bones strong again, you'll need to get your dog up and doing at least some sort of exercise.  It could take some time to get to this point, depending on how long your dog has been suffering, with good daily habits you'll get your dog back on track. 

Your dog has been suffering from a malnutritious diet, it could have been eating lots of great things, but along the way, either it was not getting the proper nutrition and/or exercise in its lifetime or some of the foods were leaching minerals from its bones.