Discomfort in Dogs

Discomfort in Dogs - DISCOMFORT by Elimay with Turmeric and DLPA - for Dogs Suffering from Swelling and Muscle or Bone Tension - 60 Chewable BITS Technology® Soft Gels

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  • Safer to take. Elimay has been awarded the NCCF Seal of Approval, and our supplements are manufactured under the highest pharmaceutical standards, so you can be comfortable providing your dog with a superior pain reliever.
  • Works to support discomfort. Pain Care has anti-swelling herbs such as turmeric and boswellia, good for joint and muscle pain. Analgesic relieves chronic muscle and bone tension. Elimay is recommended by vets - so you'll be happy to see both an increase in mobility and comfort level in your pet.
  • Reduced side effects. Discomfort is made with all natural ingredients, so it is non-addictive and non-toxic. You can be relieved your dog will not suffer either short or long term side effects from treatment.



  • Pharmaceutical standard, WHO-GMP and international ISO 9000 certified production processes that ensure quality and consistency. (See all of our certifications.)
  • Easy to administer. Elimay Supplements use BITS Technology®, which makes it easy to chew and swallow, or to simply twist into your dog's food. You can be satisfied the supplements get swallowed and absorbed.