Q: What’s the story behind Elimay?
A: Elimay Supplements was founded in memory of a dog named Eli May who suffered from cancer. Eli May’s owner wanted to do everything possible to help other dogs live longer, healthier lives without being stricken by devastating illnesses. The founders of the company spent years performing important research and testing product formulations to develop a high quality line of products that use the latest advancements in science, medicine, nutrition, and technology. These supplements help dogs have the most fulfilling lives possible with their owners at their sides.    

Q: Why do dogs get sick? 
A: Dogs today face a variety of health-damaging toxins in their air, water, and food. In the same way that human health is adversely impacted by pollution and poor nutrition, dogs, too, become ill over time as a result of their bodies succumbing to accumulated toxicity. However, by providing a diet rich in nutrients, as well as supplements like those from Elimay that help support the naturaldetoxification processes of the body, we can ensure that our dogs remain healthy for years to come, with strong immune systemsthat are ready to fight off disease before it takes hold. 

Q: Why should dogs take supplements?
A: Many dogs today grow old before their time because they are fed a constant diet of processed foods. Over the course of months and years, these animals develop a variety of health problems that inhibit their quality of life. While young animals may seem healthy and energetic, a poor diet will inevitably take its toll. Processed diets lack key nutrients, leading to long-term deficiencies in a dog’s body. This results in ill health later in life. Symptoms can include lethargy, poor skin and coat, arthritis, cancer, and many other health concerns. Dogs who take Elimay Supplements, on the other hand, will be getting all of the vital nutrients that they need which would otherwise be lacking in their diets. They become rejuvenated and revitalized, with energy to spare and a soft, clean coat. Health problems are avoided, and if ailments are already present, they can be dramatically relieved with the right supplements.

Q: Do Elimay Supplements really work?
A: Yes, especially when combined with a healthy diet and plenty of love and attention, just like us humans. The ingredients in Elimay Supplements are based on key nutritional principles. Our products include important nutrients, such as magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, which all work together to maintain the overall health of your dog, from his skin to his organs and immune system. Every capsule is easy to administer, ensuring that your dog gets the right amount of nutrients every single day. Choose from the wide variety of products we offer, from those that are meant to support a healthy dog’s lifestyle to those that are formulated specifically for sick dogs who are trying to overcome an illness. 

Q: Are there any artificial ingredients in Elimay Supplements? 
A: No, we make sure that all of the ingredients in our supplements are completely natural and food-based so that they are readily recognized and absorbed by the body to be utilized for maintaining health and overcoming disease. 

Q: How do I know which Elimay Supplements are right for my dog?
A: Our website’s store provides detailed information on each and every one of our supplements so that you can read through the ingredients and learn about how dogs benefit from each supplement. Choose from Longevity, Omegas, and Immunity to support your dog's healthy lifestyle. Purchase our Detox, Chemo Detox, and Bone Onco products to enhance quality of life while trying to overcome difficult health conditions.

Q: How are Elimay Supplements administered to a dog?
A: There are several ways that you can easily administer each chewable tablet to your dog. You can mix it into your dog’s food so that he or she eats it at the same time as a meal, you can place it directly into your dog’s mouth so that he or she can swallow it whole, or you can open the tablet and pour the powder directly into your dog’s food at mealtime. 

Q: Do dogs like the flavor of Elimay Supplements?
A: We have made sure to test our supplements on a variety of dogs, all who love the delectable fish flavor!

Q: How should Elimay Supplements be stored, and do they expire?
A: Elimay supplements should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. They do expire, as they are composed of all-natural ingredients, so be aware of the expiration date printed on each bottle. 
Q: Do Elimay Supplements cause any side effects?
A:  No, Elimay Supplements are food, in concentrated form.  The nutrients you find in Elimay are found in food.  We exist because due to our busy lives, we sometimes forgo good nutrition for processed foods and lose essential nutrients.   Over the longterm this will compromise our dog's lives.  That said, there have been no reported adverse side effects associated with supplementing a dog’s diet with Elimay products. However, always follow the directions on each product’s label and do not provide more than the recommended dose.  

 Q: Can Elimay Supplements be given to a dog on a long-term basis?
A: Yes, absolutely, Elimay Supplements can be given daily on a long-term basis, particularly Longevity, Immunity, and Omegas, which are made specifically for supporting health throughout the life of your dog, young and especially old. 

Q: Does my dog’s lifestyle or diet have to change while taking Elimay Supplements?

A: Not at all. Your dog can continue exercising, playing, and eating normally while taking Elimay Supplements. We do, however, recommend that you switch your dog to a high quality, all-natural diet if you have not done so already in order to reap the most benefits from our supplements and see the most improvement in your dog’s overall health. 

Q: How can I tell when it’s time to stop supplementing with Elimay?
A: Always work under the guidance of your veterinarian or better yet your Holistic Veterinarian who look at your dog from a holistic full picture before administering any medication.  Remember, Elimay Supplements are food, so in theory you don’t stop unless their diet is rich in the nutrients provided by Elimay.  Click for a list of nutrients in Elimay. If however, your dog is on Onco Care or Chemo Detox, he or she can stop taking them as the pain and toxicity begins to subside and you feel your dog is back to their old self. If you notice improvement only while your dog is on the supplements, continue providing the recommended daily dose. If you notice that your dog is still not feeling well despite taking Elimay, see your holistic vet right away. 

Q: Where Can Elimay Supplements be purchased? 
A: Right now, the only place to purchase Elimay supplements is on our website within the Shop section.   We will be retailing the product but this is planned for the future.

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: Elimay Supplements can be shipped, in a word, everywhere. We are a small company and therefore have distribution set up in the Americas.  However, if you wish to have supplements shipped to any other part of the world, we will send them to you but shipping times will vary.  You can contact us by clicking here and we can give you an estimate of shipping times.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: Standard shipping in US and Canada generally takes about 4-6 business days for N. America or for special order items between 7-10 business days. If you have any shipping inquiries, please send an email to contact@elimaysupplements.com.

Q: How are Elimay Supplements manufactured? 
A: Elimay products are manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. We are endorsed by the 'National Canine Cancer Foundation', and our facilities are approved by the World Health Organization's Good Manufacturing Practices in order to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards possible. We also use state-of-the-art testing equipment and have a team of qualified quality control professionals on hand to ensure that every product that rolls out of our factory meets our strictest possible quality standards. 

Q: How long does a bottle of Elimay Supplements last? 
A: Each bottle contains 60 chewable softgel twists, so it will last about 2 months for small to average sized dogs.  For example, the actual cost then for a bottle of Omegas would be less than 50 cents per day!, and for Longevity and Immunity, the average daily cost would be approximately 60 cents per day!  So for the health and happiness of your dog, this is but a small amount to ensure your dog is healthy and pain free. For larger dogs, over 25 Ibs you will have to take two capsules and it would still be completely affordable.  

See product details on each bottle label or Product Details page for each supplement type for specific information on how many to take.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the product I purchase?
A: Elimay Supplements come with a very generous 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can shop with confidence that we absolutely stand behind our products.