Puppy to Senior Dog Vitamins and Supplements

Keep Your Puppy to Senior Dog Healthy

You know that your dog needs plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and good food. But like many other dog owners, you probably wonder what else you can do for your dog. How can you help ensure that your dog lives a long, healthy, and productive life? Whether you're the human parent to a puppy or an aging dog, vitamins and supplements can improve your pup's health and quality of life.

Elimay Dog Supplements to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Why Do Dogs Need Supplements?

There are lots of reasons that dog supplements and dog vitamins are often considered necessary. These are just a few of the reasons to look into boosting your pet's health through vitamins:

  • Environmental toxins: Even if your pup doesn't spend lots of time around other dogs or people, he's still at risk of being exposed to environmental toxins. The air your dog breathes, the water he drinks, and the random items he eats on his daily walks can all introduce nasty free radicals and chemicals to his body. Supplements can help your dog's body eliminate and avoid toxins.
  • Aging: Aging is inevitable! As your dog ages, his body's processes slow down and he may become prone to disease. Protecting your dog's body now can pay off in years to come as age starts wearing on him.
  • Insufficient food nutrition: Even if you pick the healthiest possible food for your canine buddy, he may not be getting the nutrition he needs. Dogs are known for eating too much one day and too little the next, leaving them without the calories and nutrients they need. Vitamins "fill in the gaps" left behind by dog food.
  • More efficient nutrient usage: Even with the best dog supplements, most of your dog's nutrients should come from food. If your dog's body doesn't break down nutrients properly, those nutrients pass right through without getting used. Supplements can assist your dog's body in using nutrients.

Dogs That Should Take Vitamins or Supplements

In short, all dog owners should consider giving their pups supplements or vitamins! Canine supplements can help dogs of all ages and health needs. During the puppy years, dogs start building the health that they'll need in later years. Supplements can make the most of these developmental years. As your dog ages, supplements may help him navigate the senior years and avoid common side effects of old age.
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Limping Swollen joints
  • Stiff walking
  • Decreased activity 

Types of Supplements

Elimay Longevity Dog Supplements and Vitamins
Elimay Omega Dog SupplementsElimay Omega Dog Supplements

Not sure what supplements to give your puppy or senior dog? There are lots of options! Depending on your dog's individual health needs, these may be popular options:

  • Immunity supplements:Your dog's immune system is one of the most essential parts of his body. Immunity supplements may help man's best friend develop a strong, effective immune system. Elimay Immunity Dog Supplements is an excellent immune supplement that can be used to prevent immune system issues or to support an immunocompromised dog's system.
  • Overall health supplements: Each dog needs literally dozens of nutrients to live his fullest life. Overall health supplements focus on improving your dog's health through proper usage of vitamins and minerals. A supplement like Elimay Longevity Dog Supplements can have many positive effects on your dog's health.
  • Digestive supplements: Digestion helps your dog's body get rid of toxins, properly utilize nutrients, and avoid discomfort. Elimay Omega Dog Supplements helps regulate the digestive process and keep your dog's body running smoothly.
  • Joint supplements: We all know that dogs are prone to joint pain and other joint problems. A dog joint supplement can minimize joint pain and improve joint function.

What to Look for in Dog Supplements

Not all puppy supplements and multivitamins for dogs are created equal. As you try to find the best nutritional program for your dog, look for these traits:

  • A clear, thorough list of ingredients
  • Allows for proper dosing for dogs of different sizes
  • Administered in different ways for your dog's comfort
  • Natural ingredients
  • No fillers or bulking ingredients

Top Supplements for Dog Health

Are you ready to take the next step in your dog's health? Our top three best dog vitamins are listed below.

  • Elimay Longevity: This well-rounded supplement includes nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Its minerals include magnesium, selenium, calcium, and zinc. With this supplement routine, your pup's body can fight off free radicals, regulate necessary body processes, and enjoy better immune health. This is a popular supplement for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors!
  • Elimay Immunity: Even if your dog doesn't have any immune problems, Elimay Immunity is a recommended addition to his diet. The immune system is at the core of many common health problems, from allergies to cancer. This all-natural supplement has green tea extract, calcium, astragalus, selenium, reishi mushrooms, and other ingredients that promote optimal immune health.
  • Elimay Omega: A dog's body has many systems that all need to work efficiently to keep your dog healthy. Fatty acids are a major part of health, but many dogs don't get enough! Elimay Omega is an easy way to get more omega-3 fatty acids into your dog's diet. Regular usage of Elimay Omega can improve your dog's appetite, minimize inflammation and associated pain, and lead to a higher quality of life. Elimay Omega has powerful ingredients like eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexoenoic acid, and vitamin E.

You know your dog deserves the best, and you want as much time with him as possible. Get all the joy and companionship you can from your dog with these vitamins and supplements.

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