Reviews and Testimonials

From: Yolanda

Item was received very quickly. It was exactly as described. I will be buying more supplements for my dog from this company. The active ingredients in Longevity are natural herbs I use myself and now my 14 year old Dachshund can reap the benefits of them thanks to Elimay Supplements. With the help of these supplements I expect my Dachshund to live until shes 20! 

From: Chris
My Boxer has been on Immunity by Elimay since last June when she was included in a.... study the Elimay Company did on canine abnormalities. When the study was over I continued her on this product because she feels great and has a ton of energy. She loves the taste of them, I just put them on top of her dry dog food and she eats them up.  She also is at this time very healthy. 

From: Phyllis S
Dear Elimay,

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product! Mom is really happy and excited that she wants to share the results with everyone she can.

During Jan 2012 while we were at "Doggie Spa" (Mom calls it the groomers) Aunt Liz (the proprietor) was telling her about the new supplements that she just got in. Being that we weren't ready yet, Mom started to read the brochure about them. Before we left, Mom decided to try the "Longevity" Supplements. Within in one week, Mom said she saw changes in us. For instance, I Pasha who is writing this suddenly became more energetic. I wanted to play more and take longer walks and my fur was looking better than ever etc.... But most of all, I have a dry nose and it cleared up! For me that meant no more sticky vitamin E oil on it! For my sisters Sheila and Nikki it was the same thing...more energy and our fur has a great shine to it like never before. Because I am Mom's barometer, she liked the good changes she was seeing in all of us. However, she was still a little skeptical so when the supplements ran out she didn't have a back up bottle. BIG MISTAKE and she knew it! She couldn't get to Aunt Liz's quick enough to get more!.....Well since then, she never let that happen again. Mom just had me at vets in April for my annual checkup and even my vet said how great I was looking etc.... (At that point I just gave Mom one of those looks....see I told you so!) Mom told her about the supplements that we are taking, and about all the good ingredients in them that she became very interested in them. The next day Mom dropped an extra pamphlet that comes with every bottle to her! 

Even now when we go to Dog Park, some of Mom's friends make comments about the difference they see in us! She just smiles and tells them it the great Elimay Longevity supplements that we are on and shows them a pamphlet!

Thank you Elimay for a great product!