Elimay Longevity Review:

*****/5 Stars

My dog was diagnosed with inoperable malignant adrenal tumors in 2010. He has since developed Cushings disease and consequently lost much of his hair. Thanks to Elimay supplements- Longevity was one- his coat has come back completely and his energy levels are optimal! I have recommended this product to friends who have dogs with cancer and would recommend this and any Elimay supplement for any animal sick or healthy! Great product!

- Tamara A. Barbella


Elimay Immunity Review:

*****/5 Stars

My Boxer has been on Immunity by Elimay since last June when she was included in a Cancer study the Elimay Company did on canine cancer. When the study was over I continued her on this product because she feels great and has a ton of energy. She loves the taste of them, I just put them on top of her dry dog food and she eats them up. She also is at this time Cancer free.

- Chris S.